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Teresa Burgess, Ph.D. Founder and CSO

Dr. Burgess spent over 20 years in BioPharma gaining direct drug discovery and development experience from target validation and clinical candidate identification to progression into Phase 1-3 clinical programs for both biologics and small molecule drugs.  During 10 years as Director in Oncology Research at Amgen she led her group to advance 5 programs to the clinical candidate selection stage and played a strategic leadership role in Oncology Research.  In addition,  she has extensive experience evaluating and conducting due diligence for external in-licensing and M & A opportunities in new technologies, metabolic disease and oncology.   Her career in BioPharma provides her with a deep appreciation of the process and pitfalls of drug development throughout all stages.  Dr Burgess is also active in the academic community as an Assoc. Adjunct Professor, Mol.Cell & Dev.Biol at UC Santa Barbara and has served many years in a leadership capacity on the Council for the CA Breast Cancer Research Program.

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